Helping clients attract new business by making their sales efforts more effective.

  • Differentiate - Communicate how you define the sandbox in which you play.
    Contrast it to those of your competitors. Result: clearer, value-added differentiation.

  • Storyline - Your Brand Identity: A compelling storyline about HOW you do what you do is the key building block for creating brand identity for a money management or professional services firm.

  • Buyer-focused communications — from marketing collateral and verbal presentations to media relations marketing and industry conference speaking — will help attract the right prospects and convert them into clients.

About our firm

Frumerman & Nemeth Inc. is a communications and sales marketing consultancy. We specialize in working with asset management and professional services firms: companies that need to market the intellectual acumen of management and to make a conceptual sell.

Founded in 1987 pre-crash, we help clients:

  • Develop buyer-focused positioning strategies and storylines to differentiate them from their competitors;

  • Create more cogent and compelling sales presentations and marketing materials to better tell their story; and

  • Use public relations — media relations marketing and industry conference speaking opportunities — to help establish a branded identity for their organization by generating third-party endorsement for the expertise of their people, the value of their services and the quality of their products.

We enable clients to best leverage their marketing resources — people, time and budget — and produce better marketing programs.

Our work has helped clients attract over $7 billion in new business.

At Frumerman & Nemeth a principal of the firm directly manages every client account.

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industry recognition

Recipient of the 2015 Hedge Fund Branding Specialist of the Year - USA award from Wealth & Finance International.

Named Best Financial Marketing Firm - USA by Corporate LiveWire for its 2015 M&A Awards.

Named Best Hedge Fund Marketing Firm - New York by Acquisition International for its 2015 Hedge Fund Awards.

Recipient of the 2015 Innovation & Excellence in Financial Services Communications - USA award from Corporate LiveWire.

Named 2014 Top Hedge Fund Marketing Firm Of The Year - USA by Acquisition International Magazine's International Hedge Fund Awards. This is the second consecutive year in which Frumerman & Nemeth received this honor.

Named Best North American Public Relations Firm by Hedgeweek for its 2014 USA awards.
Named Communications & Sales Marketing Consultancy Firm of the Year - USA for the M&A 2014 Awards by Acquisition International.

Named Overall Marketing Company of the Year - USA for the 2014 Business Excellence Awards by Acquisition International.
Named Best Buyer-Focused Positioning Strategies consulting firm of the year - USA for the 2014 Finance Awards by Wealth & Finance International. The Finance Awards were developed to recognize and reward excellence, best practice and innovation in finance.
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