What We Do

Our clients hire us for our ideas, insights and content deliverables regarding what to say, how to say it, how to communicate it in written and verbal form throughout the selling cycle, and how to get third-party endorsement for the intellectual acumen of management. Our work equips clients with more and better tools for making it through the due diligence gauntlet, including the two month to two year selling cycle money management firms face in marketing to sophisticated investors.


Elements of Successful Communications Marketing

The more adept a company is at managing its communications marketing process, the more successful it will be in attracting new business.

The right strategic positioning and points of emphasis in an organization's communications can give it a competitive edge in its marketing. Obtaining an outside perspective helps an organization better see itself through the eyes of its target audiences.

When it comes to financial and professional services firms, communications is as much about making an effective conceptual sell about the people and how they think as it is to explain about the product or service being offered. Frumerman & Nemeth's buyer-focused Conceptual Communications Marketing® approach for developing and managing communications programs helps clients accomplish both objectives.

Effective communications marketing requires identifying and developing what to say, how to say it, to whom to say it, and where else to say it.


What To Say

 Frumerman & Nemeth employs its proprietary Communications Marketing Road Map® process for helping clients develop or refine their strategic positioning. Taking into account what an organization has to say and the environment in which it has to market, key selling messages are created to serve as building blocks for crafting a more cogent and compelling way to tell the organization's story. The result is a more prospect-focused strategic positioning for the organization.



How To Say It

 Once the key selling messages are selected, Frumerman & Nemeth can help the client draft and design prospect-focused sales materials, brochures and marketing kits, slide and flip chart presentations, letters to shareholders and the answers to essay questions in asset management RFPs and DDQs. Frumerman & Nemeth also assists in preparing the verbal sales presentations used in meetings with prospects and the media, and for giving speeches.


To Whom To Say It

How an organization describes itself and what it has to offer differs depending on the audience it is addressing. Frumerman & Nemeth helps clients recognize the differences between their audiences — customers, prospects and those who influence them. We customize our clients’ communications efforts so that they appeal to each particular group.



Where Else To Say It

Speaking at industry conferences and media relations marketing are high ROI (return on investment) means of communicating an organization's story to its target audiences. Success in integrating a media relations marketing program with a sales marketing effort is in part dependent on an organization's ability to communicate its story in the proper perspective for its different constituencies, each of whom may view the organization in a different context. Also important is participation as a speaker or panelist at appropriate industry conferences, and speaking about subjects and offering insights that are relevant to the product or the service a firm is marketing.

Frumerman & Nemeth has a long track record of success in helping clients use industry conference speaking and media relations marketing as ways to garner third-party endorsement for the intellectual acumen of management while increasing their reach to more prospects and potential sources of referral.

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